I was in the plane for six and a half hours to get to Dublin. Nothing really eventful happened on the plane, well maybe that I didn’t eat anything other than yogurt that they offered. But once we landed, we went through immigration and then waited an hour for our luggage to come out. Yeah an hour … WHAT? AA had some sort of delay. Yeah. Right. Well I did get to chat with a hot Irish chick. But the conversation was interrupted with this middle aged business man talking to them. YOU HAVE A WIFE!

Anyway …

I took a much needed crap and then called the Dublin center. Informed them that I am here and I converted more dollars into Euros. Man Euros cost more than dollars!! Everything in Ireland costs so much! Anyway, I walked out of the airport to the taxi line and got a taxi to Lucan County Dublin. I learned a lot on how Ireland segments its cities. I thought Dublin was the city, but it’s more like the territory. Much like how Camden is the county that Cherry Hill is in. At first I thought it was a neighborhood name, how wrong I was. Then I also learned before I arrived, it rained constantly for three months long. Three month long rain fall?? Holy crap!! Good thing I brought a rain jacket.

I paid the taxi driver 40 Euros. That is like 55-60 in dollars. Holy crap!! The ride was only 30 minutes! Tears welled up in my eyes at the cost.

Well the taxi guy left with my money and I was at the Dublin center. I met David and Lisa Hsu, son and daughter of the contact people. I won’t be meeting Amy, the mother, till she got back from work at 7 PM. So I hung out for a few hours, to rest, recharge the batteries, eat, drink, pee, and used the internet. Then I went out to shoot pictures, of Lucan while Dave went to play basketball. The basketball court was about thirty minutes away from the house. There aren’t that many basket ball players here. Not only that he has to hop a pretty high fence to get in to, but no one minds.

Meanwhile I went around the small shopping center called SuperQuinn. I walked around took some shots, and when it came to around three of four PM, I went back to meet up with Dave to go back. And so we got back to the center and Dave realizes that he left his cell phone back at the court when we got back to the house. So Dave leaves and I check my email and then fall asleep. When I woke up I met Amy, the contact person that I was in communication with over the past few months. We had dinner, chatted about being initiated, etc, and then it was time to hit the bed.