I went back to the bed at 6, thinking that whatever it was should be gone. At least that is what the movies say. well who cares, thankfully it was gone. So I got some sleep and woke up hearing the contact people talk, so I rose like a phoenix and brushed my teeth. Today I was leaving for Limerick, half excited and half not so sure. I would have to be making my own meals or finding my own from then on. But I went forward, I emailed mom and ate breakfast after chatting with the initiates there. At 11 AM, everything was prepared and Amy drove me to the Dublin Heuston station.

I found that everyone in Ireland drove manual. How cool! Automatic transmission was for elderly and disabled people. And I think she needs to drive better. She doesn’t seem to pay attention to when she shifts. It was also raining out. Ireland rain! Finally experiencing true Ireland weather!

She brought me to the train station and I thanked her for letting me stay and taking me to the station. And I told her that I will try to call her once I get to Limerick.

Got my ticket and boarded the train at 12. I really wished I packed a lighter luggage.

I was astounded that I had to pay 30 cents to go into the bathroom while waiting to board the train. Well either that or pee my pants, I paid my dues and released the typhoon. When I got back to the line, this nice gentleman and his grand child held my spot, which I thanked them and we then started boarding the train. The train man told me to change stations at Limerick Junction to go to Limerick. And then I got lost finding my train car.


I finally found the D train and got my seat.

The rain made the windows really murky and I didn’t get the window seat so I couldn’t get any nice countryside pictures from the train. So I continued to work on this travel diary. I then realized that I had to take a crap. So I just followed someone else to the bathroom and waited. Finally when it was my turn, I started laughing that I am going to be shifting a lot while I was shitting. Luckily I have pooping skills not to slip!

After that spell, I returned back to my seat just in time for the Limerick Junction. Departing from that train I got onto a rail car towards Ellis. The first stop would be Limerick. This cordial lady curtly pointed out that I could put my luggage on the table and it would be fine. That was good cause it wouldn’t fit anywhere else!

About thirty minutes passed before I eventually made it to Limerick. When I finally got there, it was drizzling out and there were no taxis. So I walked all the way to Courtbrack Accommodations. Along the way I met another traveler heading towards there named, Tim. He hiked from somewhere to Dublin and now hiking to Limerick. Wow! So we teamed up to hike all the way to the outskirts of Limerick to find our hostel. Cute girls in there. Well, that was the only plus. I got my room, D16, and went back downstairs to see if I could get access to WiFi. No. I had to pay one Euro to get access on the desktop and emailed mom.

Deciding that I didn’t want to stay, I grabbed my gear and started to hike out of the hostel towards King’s Castle. At first it was still wet and I didn’t like Limerick. But once I got to the other side, I was amazed at its beauty! Why can’t the hostel be near or in this area! It was just gorgeous! And it stopped raining and the sun came out. So I hiked for four hours and found out that the king’s castle was closed. So not wanting to turn back I walked out to no where and saw wild horses. Insert “Who’s gonna ride your wild horses” by U2. It was just like that! I was so amazed that I kept my finger on my shutter.

Realizing that I was spending too much time there and needing to call mom and eat, I headed back to buy an international phone card. And so I called home and dad’s cell phone. No one picked up so I called Eric. After my conversation with Eric and Vincent, I left to look for food and found a pizza place called Apache pizza.

Waiting for my 9” order, I plugged in my compact flash card to the laptop and started downloading images. And started to type on this journal entry, about five minutes later my pizza was done and I consumed it within two minutes. And no WiFi.

I asked the guy if there was an electronics shop near by so I could buy an external hard drive, he said try Dunnes tomorrow. So I know what I will be doing tomorrow before I go back to the castle. Stupid DVD write not writing. I was relying on that entirely. Now I am deleting extraneous stuff from my Creative ZEN to be a backup hard drive for me. Crap!

Walking back at night in Limerick isn’ the safest thing. Well according to Lonely Planet, there is still crime and it is a rough place. But I got back just in time when the dark skies came in. When I got back to my room, I just showered and left the laptop to do the transfers and recharge. So I don’t think I am going to go back out tonight since all the shops are closed and the places I want to see are closed. So tomorrow it is.