Zzz … Zzzz …

I woke up a little bit later today. I had my cocoa puffs cereal, made my lunch and got prepared to go back out to sight see the northern part of Dublin. The northern part was definitely not as good looking as the Southern part. But there was some nice things there. I am probably just generalizing because I didn’t walk to the top northern part because that would have been a long walk. I pretty much stayed near O’Connell street, which is a lot like Canal street of New York City. A lot of stores, a lot of shoppers, and a lot of walking, so this was great for taking pictures!

I also bought a protein bar. Mmmm .. protein!

Not much else happened today. I just walked around to take pictures.

When I returned back to the house at 7 pm, it was raining out. Not that bad, just it was raining. Showered and go ready for dinner, I tried to burn DVDs of the pictures to back them up. Oddly the burner didn’t burn anything so I am now stuck with 8 gigs of space on Neil’s laptop and 4 gigs on my mp3 player. Definitely not a lot of room for me to back up my pictures, I am in trouble and will soon be searching for an external.

It was group meditation night at the center. So we all congregated in the living room to meditate. I didn’t bring all of my meditation gear with me to save space, so I was pretty uncomfortable with what I had with me. So two and a half hours was good for me, plus having been walking all day I was pretty tired. So I decided to go to the bathroom first. It was dark and I never used this bathroom before, but when I lifted the toilet seat up the blasted thing fell down and I couldn’t see! So I got spooked and crept back to my room. That was when the really weird paranormal thing occurred. If you really know me, you know that I do not believe in things like the Bermuda triangle, U.F.Os, etc.

But when I got on the bed that night, I felt an immense pressure on me pushing me down. Not tiredness, but suffocation kind of pressure. For the first time, I started to believe in “ghosts.” But how could a center be haunted? I used that bed for two nights and how come I never felt that before? Did I do anything differently today than the other days? That’s why it’s hard to believe these things, well not that I want to replicate that again. But in any case, spooked I went back downstairs and meditated till 6 AM.