Zzzzz …. Zzzz …

I woke up at 7 AM fresh as a whistle. Amy left for work and I ate breakfast. Making two sandwiches, I can say that I prepared my meal for the day. I dressed up, with a gray Princeton University shirt and a light tan khaki cargo pants, geled my hair, and was ready to hit the city. I took the 25A bus to center city near the Penny Hill Pub which costed me 2 Euros. Dang! Well better than renting a car.

Onto Center City Dublin I go!

I arrived near Trinity College, 25 minutes later. I haven’t seen so much cobbled streets in my life! I love it! I really wanted to have my Subaru Impreza here so I can drive amok in the city with all its twists and turns. In any case, I walked around taking pictures until I got to the university. This was one of my top places to go see while in Dublin. It was a huge campus! One of, if not, the best universities in Ireland, it held buildings that put Princeton University’s to shame. Well of course Trinity was built 300 years before Princeton.

Trinity college held the book of Kells and the long reading room. The Book of Kells was a gorgeous looking book it is very pretty. Although it’s a shame that I do not remember what it was about. Anyway, then there was the long reading room. It was an immense room! But they closed off the book shelves which were stacked on top of each other. I walked in wondering, “I really want to read one of those books! Let me access a volume!” Everything in the aisle was just about war propaganda from WW II era. Certainly important for history, but nothing that interested me. So with a long exit I walked down back to the gift store to look for a souvenir for my family. 20 Euros for a necklace, 15 Euros for a pin, 45 Euros for a shirt, etc. Oh my god! There was no way I could afford any of that! So I decided nothing is to be bought. I, then, left the Book of Kells to the bathroom. The bathrooms are pretty small! I am not a small person, I am 5’8, weighing 205 lbs, with a muscular frame. I can easily tell you that I had problems getting in and out of the stall. Then there was the urinal which was like a long basin.

Chuckling to myself I walked out of the bathroom to the entrance to the university’s entrance for a walking tour. Thankfully I looked like I was a student and wore a Princeton U shirt and played off that I was still a student. I payed 10 Euros for the tour. The guy had so much knowledge, if felt like he didn’t know where to start or begin whenever he spoke. He was a very nice man. Definitely knew a lot, well he would have to if he was a graduate from the history department from the university. He was a tall Irish guy, with bad teeth. Well at least there was a huge cavity in his front tooth.

He took us all back into the university to give us very descriptive history of the university. The university was built by the English as a settlement of Protestants to civilize the “aborigines” as he mused. That was pretty funny actually. After a long discussion about Trinity college, we walked to the bank which was once the Irish parliament. He brought us to delegation room, which was decorated with velvet and marble statues. Along the wall were tapestries of some war that was fought. In the middle of the room was a large chandelier. After the discussion in the former parliament we walked to the castle, which was made to look like a palace instead of a castle. We ended the tour at the temple bar. Two hours after.

We all dispersed and went our own ways. I was in search of St. Stephen’s park. I got lost for a good two hours looking for it, but I took plenty of pictures on the way. I looked at my 30D’s info screen and saw that I only had 30 pictures left on that card and decided it was time to eat lunch. I walked towards the shopping area of south Dublin and found a Starbucks where I could get a caramel macchiato, which was 3.80 Euros. I grabbed a chair and a table to eat and download pictures from the compact flash card. Those two sandwiches didn’t taste like anything but I ate it anyway. It was certainly better than eating out. I logged onto the wifi to chat with Eric about what I have done so far.

I learned from Eric that my mom was planning to go see my grandfather in Vietnam. He is dying, so she wanted to see him one last time. She has a bad leg, I don’t see how can she make the trip. Unless she is going with someone, it is going to be hard for her to get around the place. And also, not as important, was who was going to pick me up from the Newark airport?

Finishing my meals, drinks, downloads, and chats, I left Starbucks to find the park. I finally found it and walked around the place to see young couples making out. Lucky people.

I finished taking pictures of the park or at least most of it. There was a different shade of color here! Red! I found red and orange flowers in the middle of the park. I had to take pictures of it. I suddenly had the urge to sit down and just stare at the people making out. Yes I am currently single. So for me being single out there by myself, it was obvious I was feeling jealous.

Anyway, I left the park to walk around some more and to search for a good smoothie. I went to this health shake café and got a raspberry shake. It was … bad. Well not that bad, but I really should have gotten the mango and yogurt shake. This stuff is expensive!

The clock turned 6:30 PM and it was time for me to return back to Lucan county. I took the 25A back to Lucan, where I was dropped off at Penny hill pub. Walking back, I was still amazed at how nice it was out, sun still out not a cloud in the sky.