I woke up at 6 AM. I did all the morning duties, ate some cereal bars, drank the rest of my juice, ate an apple, and headed out. I walked straight to the bus station to get my ticket to Doolin to go see the Cliffs of Moher. 9:35 AM was my departure time. I got my ticket and return ticket and waited for the time to turn to 9:35 so I could leave.

The bus arrived! Onward to my next adventure … to the Cliffs! We set off at 9:36 towards Ennis first. The turns were entirely tight, especially for a bus. I wish I rented a car just to go around those turns. It was a scenic trip, too bad the glass panels were filthy. Just cannot get a good shot with dirty panels. So what to do? I just listened to music while the bus was driving.

We got to Ennis at 10:20 AM and dropped off the people who were going somewhere else and picked up people going our way. We left Ennis for our final destination- Cliffs of Mohor. I was excited.

We arrived at the cliffs at 11:22 instead of running up to the cliffs, themselves, I rushed to the bathroom. I had to take a piss so bad. Relieved I went back out to hike to the trail where they let us walk to take pictures of the cliffs. The really good parts and spots to take pictures were blocked off and we could not access them. But I think my pictures are good for what I was able to use and see. I spent the hour and a half walking up and down the trails to take pictures of the mountain cliffs and the crashing waves. I stopped at the tower at the top of the hill to eat a pack of trail mix and to rest. Relaxing for a little bit, I let my legs take a rest for a little while. Since I arrived in Ireland all that I have done was walk and take pictures.

Finishing resting, I picked myself up and continued to take pictures. I continued walking on the grey pebble path and saw a pair of bikes with bike carrying gear on them. I immediately thought of my brother Dave. But who owns those bikes, I wondered, till I saw a bunch of people coming out of the blocked off area. Wait we can go in there? But it says not to …

Well we are especially not to pet the cows because we might bring back Foot and Mouth disease. Where they went must have been a great place to take pictures. Rats. I felt my stomach growl some more and noticed that I still haven’t had my morning, or afternoon, coffee. So I went into the information building and ordered a Mocha. Their Mochas are weak or not as good as Starbucks.

Now I am sitting in the café drinking my Mocha while I wait for the transferring to complete. They should really be transferring faster it is USB 2.0 for crying out loud. The first bus back to Limerick probably already left and the next one is at 6 PM. Uh oh … that is a bit long way. So I am going to be here till 6 PM. Guess I can hike around to take pictures and then come back when it is time for the bus to come and pick me up.

Looks like I found some hand knit sweaters here! Only that they are fairly large and would not fit my mom. I think I have to call my mom to let her know the size and if she still wanted it. I will just need a bag to fit it in. These old ladies helped me out I might have bought the sweater if they didn’t intervene. I thought to myself that I would come back later to pick up the sweater, I went around the area to take more pictures.

I was going to hike down the road but there was no more side walk, it was asphalt and grass, deep grass. So I turned back to go back inside the building to get some food.

“What do they offer?” I asked myself certainly they offered little to nothing for me to eat. I did find some cheese and bread I guess that was the only safe thing for me to eat. Expensive for four pieces of cheese and two pieces of bread, but, all I have left are two bags of trail mix which I am trying to save. I took the cheese and got a table to eat and continue to transfer the images.

I am still hungry. I guess this trip, I won’t be eating as much. I wish Ireland had more vegetarians. Looks like I need to procreate with some hotties and begin a vegetarian revolution. Yes that is my dream.

Having three hours left I went back to take more pictures of the cliffs with a warming filter added. Not sure if I will see a big difference, but I hope I will. This time when I got to the other side, I saw people hiking on the blocked off path. Deciding that I wanted to get clearer shots, I crossed the border too. I only got as far as the opening of the barbed fence when the ranger called us back in telling us that we were not supposed to be there. Shoot. But I did manage to get some pictures in. Stupid foot and mouth disease precautions!

Clearly saddened that I would not be able to take any new and different photos I went in and got a soft ice cream cone. I haven’t had ice cream in a long time. That was good. I needed that pick me up. I also bought an aerial map of Ireland, stamps, and post cards from the shop. I don’t think the sales people like me there because I don’t really pay attention to what they were saying.

Six o clock slowly turned around the corner. I already took almost eight gigabytes of RAW photos of the area, I covered most of the ground that was accessible. So. I wanted to go back to Limerick to eat, get prepared, and sleep.

The bus ride back was eventful, to say the least, we picked up a group of rowdy passengers on the way. In the middle of the ride, one of them said he liked my camera and asked if I was on holiday. Being cordial, I replied thank you and a yes for his questions. He then asked me if I liked this girl’s hair. I am not sure what to have said, so I just said it looked nice. He then carried on in his conversation with the girl. The person behind her was not supposed to be on the bus because he was drinking but hesitantly the bus lady told him he better not cause any trouble.

The bus ride back took two hours and twenty minutes to go back to Limerick. I went straight back to the Apache pizza place for one last pizza. Eaten my fill, I left to go back to the hostel to shower and sleep.