Today was the day I leave Limerick and go to Cork! But first thing is first, I needed to go to the Irish Hand crafts store to buy my mom a hand knit sweater. I did all this after I packed all my gear and got ready to go out. Refreshed and donning my orange Princeton t shirt I headed towards the store with just my camera bag this time. It took me about twenty five minutes to walk to that store. It was finally open and I asked the store clerk about the sweaters.

One hundred ninety nine Euros for a hand knit sweater. Holy crap. The tourism lady said they were about 50 Euros!! Well she showed me the hand knit and hand loomed ones. I was obviously going to get the hand loomed sweater, but she informed me that it takes a very long time to hand knit one, which I would imagine. The crafters would spend eight hours a day crafting the sweater. But in the end I bought a medium sized hand loomed sweater for 50 Euros and a scarf for 9 Euros.

I also went to the nearby sports shop to buy a duffel bag. I needed another bag for the souvenirs and gifts, or else they would get messed up and smelling in my main luggage. Twenty Euros, then I bought a Limerick t shirt for 6 Euros, new pair of ear buds for forty Euros, and a vegetable wrap for three Euros. I spent so much today! Luckily I don’t spend that much very often. I’d like to save as much as I can.

Heading back to the hostel at 10:30, I was almost ready to depart for Cork. I got back to take a dump and a piss and got to my room to drink some water and pack all the new stuff into the duffel bag. All set for everything, I checked out and hiked with all my gear back. I mentally kept saying to myself, thank god this is the last time I do this! It was a painful hike back because I, sadly, carried too much with me. Maybe I should have called a cab. But I am trying to save money so no cab for me.

I wouldn’t call it a walk or a hike, it was a trek.

I finally made it to the station and got my train pass. And I waited till 12:45 to board my plane. This mother had a cute and quirky daughter, she was like Vincent. When we boarded the train, I finally got around towards reading Asian Americans some more. I got through three chapters and afterwards, I could only feel saddened. Everything that she wrote was almost exactly how I felt. I felt like there are other Asians out there who have felt the same thing I have.

When we finally arrived in Cork, I immediately knew that I would not want to stay here for an entire week. But I managed to get to the hostel to room. When I departed I walked around Cork and it was nothing but city and shops. Well at least where I was at. So in desperation I walked across the city. I did find some nice places to take pictures when I found the most remarkable. I found a vegetarian restaurant! OH MY GOD!! No more pizza! YEAH! AUTHENTIC IRISH FOOD!

But it was only 2 PM and I wanted to see the cathedral first. So I did my photographing and immediately returned to the restaurant to order a Caribbean casserole. Not really authentic Irish, but the potatoes and salad was! It costed me 13 Euros and was pretty good. I have to come back here for dinner.

I went back to the hostel to ask them if I could make my reservation only three nights instead of six and said I should see if Killerney had room before I did that. So I went to the phone and called and made the reservation to go to Killerney for three days, 11-13. So I went back to Sheila’s and changed my reservation. So I am all set for my hostels and places. Tomorrow I am going to see Blarney castle all day and I am going to try go horse back riding on Friday.

Happy with this new plan I headed back out to the vegetarian restaurant to get a dinner. When I finally arrived at the place it was getting pretty busy. Great! Means more vegetarians or people trying out vegetarianism! I ordered curry rice, an Irish pizza, and mushed carrots. It was pretty darn good.

On the way back, this kid persistently asked me if I had a permit. I was ignoring him because he was being a moron then he punched me in the arm. Ok.

Then the most dastardly thing occurred. When I went back to the hostel to start transferring photos, I found out that the USB port to my external drive broke off. I left the cord on and it snapped off. I am such a moron. So I called Seagate to see if they can fix it so I could retrieve the data. There would be no point of returning it for another when I have 16 gigs of pictures on it. True it was 110 Euros, but it was the photos that were important. Shit! SHIT!!

The Seagate representatives pretty much wasted my minutes. Then I called Eric. Cooled me off, and told me to just continue enjoying my trip. As for backing up the future pictures I am to get CD-Rs and burn them all. That brings me back to square one. AHHH!! NEIL, YOUR FUCKING LAPTOP WON’T BURN DVD Rs! At least the hard drive is still in perfect condition, it is just the reading board thing where the USB port was attached to. I learned an important lesson. Detach all cords before stashing them in the bag.

But the good news for that day was that there was hot water in the hostel! I had a somewhat relaxing shower. And I got my clothes washed.

And I went straight to bed afterwards