I woke up at 7 AM. I went down to the reception desk and got my clean clothing to bring back to my luggage.

I left the hostel to go straight to Blarney. I bought two boxes of nutria grain bars and a pack of Pringles. The lunch of champions! After that I bought my ticket for Blarney and waited for the bus to come pick me up.

When the bus arrived we hopped straight onto the bus to go see this fantastic 500 year old castle and to kiss the Blarney stone. Still thinking about my busted external, I tried to cheer up by thinking about how cool this place was going to be. It took about thirty minutes to drive there. When we got there, the clouds certainly did have the look that it was going to rain. I got in with only paying six Euros, good thing for my Princeton ID card! The castle was magnificent. Even though it was ruins, it was just an awesome sight to see!

I walked through the entire castle, where I got stuck plenty of times because the passage ways were so tiny! Its width was my width, height my height. I squirmed thru the passages, to get to the Blarney stone to kiss it. I took plenty of pictures of the skyline and landscape. Walking down the castle, through its tight stairways and passage ways, I explored the rooms that I didn’t see before. When I left the castle, I went to the Rock Close and got lost for a little while. I walked around the area seeing lots of trees and rocks. There was this one portion called the Witch’s hove. That looked neat too bad the cave wasn’t that big at all. Then I meandered to a place called the Druid’s circle. It was a bunch of moss covered Rocks. I eventually meandered to the Lake walk, where I got myself lost for a few hours. I kept on walking and walking and I finally realized that I was lost. Turning around I back tracked and met with an elderly couple.

The elderly couple was from Texas and I went with them to find my way back to the castle. They asked me why I was alone and if this was my first time in Ireland. I told them that I was single and it was my first time in Ireland. We departed when we got to the castle and said goodbyes.

Leaving the castle I checked the time and realized that the bus for Cork won’t be coming for another hour so I went to the nearest Centra to go food shopping. I bought three pieces of French bread and yogurt. Walking back to the bus stop I consumed my small meal. And I finally got onto the bus.

When we got back to the city, I headed back to the Vegetarian restaurant to get dinner. I had, well I do not remember the name but it was good. When I finished I went back to Sheila’s to burn my photographs to cd r and then go to sleep.