My last day in Cork and I decided to go to Kinsale for the day to see the culinary center of Ireland. What did I find? I found rain and no vegetarian restaurants for me to try. The Irish chick in the tourist office was hot though. I went on a walking tour learning the history of Kinsale. This was the city where the final Spanish armada fleet was defeated. One of the remaining masts was where we started the tour.

The guy took us around the place in the drizzling rain. We went around the area where the used to be fortified wall was. Kinsale was a provisioning city, it was also a great place to stage a surprise attack on London. When the queen heard word, she sent the soldiers from Dublin over to stop it.

Enough of history, I went trekking to Charle’s fort on the other end of the city. It was far and hilly. Walking to there was a trek and then walking back in the pouring rain made it worse. And I realized that I ripped my rain coat in half. Crap! It was a fifty minute walk back to the city from the fort! I walked back to look for a vegetarian restaurant. Nothing.

Then I went to Specta get some bread and a 7-up. Then I headed back to the bus stop deciding that there was nothing left for me to see or do at Kinsale.

When I finally arrived back in Cork, I went back to the vegetarian restaurant to get my last vegetarian meal there.