I packed my bags and left Sheila’s Hostel. I was finally leaving Cork. And I waited at the bus station for an hour till the bus towards Tra Lee arrived. I just have to get back to Cork before 11:30 for my train back to Dublin. Well who cares about that! I am heading towards Killarney! Too bad it was a two hour bus ride … get here faster!

Well I finally arrived at Killarney. Once I got there, I called the hostel and got the directions to the place. I got lost near the tourist agency but then finally found it. The girl who checked me in was hot!! She showed me where to store my luggage and told me my room would not be ready. So I left the hostel to go walk towards Ross castle. It took about an hour to walk there.

I went on the tour because that was the only way inside the castle. It wasn’t that great of a tour and the kids of these frogs … I mean French family was so annoying. So when I got finished I walked back to the hostel that took another hour. And that hot girl left, I said hi … I wish I asked her name and contact info. Well I waited around for an hour to finish burning and transferring. Then headed back towards to the castle and took some off the trail way and got lost. It was coming down even harder. I threw over the rain coat that I bought recently over myself and the camera bag.

I walked all the way back towards the Neptune’s Hostel. But instead of going straight back, I made a detour around Fossa way and trekked through that trail way only going to get myself lost. At that point the weather cleared up and my shoes and socks were already well drenched and muddy. I saw some awesome scenery this way. I kept on trekking through the free ranching cows and pastures till I found where I was.

When I walked back to civilization I went to the four star pizza place to get a 9 inch pizza with mushrooms and olives with a side of garlic bread. Nine Euros for this meal, man, this place is killing me. Well I finished the food and went back to the hostel to get some rest because the next day I was going to go on the tour of the Ring of Kerry.

I got back to the hostel at around 8 PM and chatted on the net till I felt like showering and going to sleep.