I awoke at 6 AM to get ready to go to the Ring of Kerry. I really did not know why I was awake that early when I was going to take a tour bus to go see the place. So I just went down to the lobby to get online to chat and wait for 7:30 to roll around so I could order some breakfast. I spoke to Lola for some time giving him updates on the trip.

When 7:30 rolled around I got the first continental breakfast, coffee, toast and jam. Okay so how is this breakfast? Well whatever, the stores were all closed. I ate the food and then met my tour members and became friends with them instantly, however, I was only able to get contact info from only two of them. I met Elizabeth and John from Canada, Chad from Chicago, Flavio from Italy, Leslie and Jason from Boston, and two Italian guys.

We were all pretty psyched to go see the Ring of Kerry. When we all went out of Neptunes to wait for our bus the thing we saw first was a very small van. We joked that it was our bus, than came our transport, another small van this time with windows. That was to take us to the Ring of Kerry …. Tour bus. We couldn’t help but poke fun at the bus till we saw our real bus.

The bus driver took us all around the Ring of Kerry, pretty much around all of County Kerry within a day. It was a grand and awesome sight to see! We didn’t get to stay at certain areas because it was a tour, but I was able to get some spiffy shots from the area. It was slightly misty here, but yesterday there was fog all over and it was pretty much pointless to go that day.

But luckily for us, it was clear blue skies!

There was this cute pair of French girls behind me. Man they were cute!

We stopped midway for lunch where I grabbed some bread, cheese, and 7-up to drink. Did that go down fast! Got to hand it to the Irish. Their cheese is great! And their bread!

Well after lunch we continued the tour till we came back to the hostel where Chad and I decided that tomorrow we are going to Dingle.

At that point I said my byes to Leslie and Jason, John and Elizabeth left before we could say bye.