I am sorry, Blog. I have been preoccupied with graduate school applications, Biology and lab, work, and California that I didn’t get a good chance to post a new blog entry.

As stated, these recent photographs are from my trip to California. I was supposed to be there for a different reason, but due to unforeseen and regretful events, I went to San Diego instead of remaining in LA.

Taking those sad events and put it into something more meaningful, I made the most I could from that trip. I went to University of California San Diego [My most top school for graduate school], the beaches around San Diego, Balboa Park, and to Miramar Lake.

University of California San Diego is a immensely huge school. And the Anthropology program, more precisely its Psychological Anthropology program, is intensely competitive and so much enticing! I know where I will be when I get accepted…

When I went to San Diego, I brought along with me my 30D, 28-135 [along with its filters- UV, warming, and Circular polarizer], 70-200 [with its UV filter], and four compact flash cards. I tend to fill up my CF cards really fast because I shoot exclusively in RAW format and I shoot a lot. Not good combination in terms of conserving memory!

But little did I know, my lenses were dirty! Well I wiped the front element with its cleaning fluid, but the dirt was on the rear lens. At that time I didn’t know, I thought my sensor was dirty.

So I saw those dust specks on my photos through my LCD screen. If you can see them on your LCD screen, you know it’s bad! But I kept on shooting. The beach is a bad place to change lenses, even though it presents some awesome photo ops!

The salt air can get inside the camera body and really cause havoc! And sand. Sand can be a problem too, if you aren’t careful. Most prosumer and amateur DSLRs are at most, have little weather sealing. Weather sealing is provided in the most professional line cameras, like the Canon 1D series.

So I went to a camera shop on my last day there and he took out a sensor optic thing. And my

sensor was clean. Well sorta. It did have some dust, but not major dust. It turned out that it was on the back of my lens. ARGH!

Well. When I got home, I used Lightroom’s clone and heal stamps to minimize the dust spots. I need more practice on this sort, but I don’t want more occurances of dust spots on my photographs.

Well enjoy the rest of the photographs. The rest can be found at my smugmug, or right here