Gas prices are shooting through the roof now. With the cost of oil being $107 per barrel, in March god knows what it will look like in July, everything costs more, and consumers are spending less. I don’t usually shop either!! And I am still pinching my pennies! The things I buy: food and gas. I subtracted coffee since I was once buying twice a week, now once if any.

It’s astounds me that the so called relief that the US government is sending us, some of us 600 or 300 dollars, is somehow going to get consumers to … shop. What I believe, and most likely will happen, is that rebate is going towards paying off bills and gas.

That surely is not going to revive this failing economy. We are in the shoulda woulda coulda mentality at this moment with this economy.

It amazes me that the GOP believe that it will tide over, just like global warming, and things will be fresh as daisies on the other side of the rainbow and that we have to continue this war in Iraq. The war in Iraq is costing us $18 billion dollars … a month. A MONTH?! Whoa! Hold the phone!! You know what I could do with that much money to spend per month? I have no freaking idea!! well I do. Invest in green/alternative energy. Invest in American work. Donate to charities, invest in curing diabetes, etc! But no! This money is going to killing some poor soul in a foreign land!

The republican/conservative base deny global warming from being true. Ten years ago, they totally denied its occurance. Today they changed their words a little, but still deny it. How can they deny it when it is happening right outside their doorstep? It’s like that Iraqi guy in charge of the media denying that America was on Iraq soil, when we were right there bombing the place to smithereens!

With the halting consumer spending, I wonder how photographers and wedding photogs are going to deal with this situation. Since people will be holding back on buying things that are now seen extraneous and extravagant?

That is why I am voting Obama.