So I have been tinkering with a new plugin for Adobe Photoshop CS3 called Exposure. I can tinker with my images to give them a more film like processing. It kinda looks like those “over-saturation” wedding photogs use.

It looks cool, but I am not going to overuse this tool as it will soon look bland. I can make the images look like they have been processed via different rolls of film like kodak gold, konica, etc!

This was a shot from Dublin, well Lucan County.
I pushed processed this photo a bit and used a film filter for it. To give it a lavender/purplish tone.

It looks kinda like a storm tempest!

Here is another one. It certainly looks like it is a view from outer space. The original is on the right. It is just more pronounced of an effect in the one in the left. But it makes it look pretty cool!

I am going to try to redo all of my photographs from Ireland in this fashion.