Since graduate schools seem to like to reject me, or rather there are just too many candidates applying, I am going to drop my attempts towards getting into graduate school to become a Cultural Psychologist. So the question is … what am I going to pursue now? Let see what I enjoy doing.

  • Traveling! I love to travel! Seeing new places, taking photos of it, meeting new people, relaxing while trekking thru the land! What is there NOT to love about traveling? Well money, check ins, and the occasional weirdos.
  • Photography! I love to take photos of about anyone and anything! I enjoy capturing the moods that is available in front of me and record it as memory!

That’s just all of it. Well that rocks my socks, that is. ;}

So with graduate school out of my grasp, metaphorically speaking, what am I going to do? I have also been searching photography studios to become a photographer’s assistant to get more experience in the field so I can kick start my own photography career. So far no one has replied. I need to create a client base.

I eventually want to build enough finances to be able to move to Seattle and start a photography studio out there. So I need to start making money now!


I think the name: Emerald Dreams Photography is great cause it is inspired by my dreams of Ireland!! Engraving dreams into memories is my catch phrase!