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I took these shots over the weekend. I originally was supposed to go to Massachusetts to visit my brother, his wife, and son for Memorial’s day. But with gas prices being 3.78$ and rising that plan quickly turned into going up to North New Jersey instead. Lucky for us they came down too. Near by this place I go to, is a horse ranch that I walk down to see. There was a herd of the horses munching on grass and sipping water, while swatting away the flies. I hate those flies, they … grrrr!

Well I took a lot of photographs of the horses which I really like! They are beautiful, caring, and fun creatures, it always is just shocking when I hear people maiming and eating them. It’s like eating dogs! Which … is really disgusting as well! Well add on any living animal!

After taking these photographs, I spent some time with my nephew. He is growing up a little too fast!

I also just realized that I need to buy more socks for my trip to California! :O