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I am listening to the Corr’s Radio this morning, and it reminded me of when I was strolling around in Dublin.  Just the melody of the song brings up some very fond memories of my trip to Ireland.  It is very remarkable how music can bring up memories and vastly different emotions each and every time!  Especially when it is associated with something special.

I just started working on some of the photographs from the California trip.  I only have the last couple days with me, as the rest are on my brother’s laptop.  So far, I like what I have shot.  For the most part.  It seems my sensor got dirty by the end of the trip, which means I need to clean it again.  A result of constant changing of my lenses.

For the first week, I relied mainly on my 50mm and 24-70 lens because I was mainly in urban locations.  But for the time spent in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, I used mainly the 12-24 and 24-70.  I … idiotically used the 12-24 for a good amount of portraits with my family at the corners where they looked heavily distorted.  While I did want to get the grand scope of the landscapes and trees, I should have either moved or asked them to move.

Well…  they should be up relatively soon.  I will post my highlights of the trip soon!