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Coming back from vacation and a journey is never easy. I still have to finish my photographs from this wonderful journey before I can post it up here! But this set of images, are just a taste of what I have done. For better or worse. haha!!


Like Ireland, I have spent day and night working on the photographs from the trip. This is about 20 gigabytes worth of awesome photographs! I like the heavy load of photographs that I need to work on. It is really fun to look at what I have shot, what I can learn do shoot better, and what came out really great!

Then there are the pictures where you find … dust specs! Only when I open the aperature up to 10, I see dust specs. I cleaned out my sensor before I left for the trip! But, I should have realized that this would have happened since I constantly changed lenses. From my 12-24 to 24-70. I wanted to get the ultra wide and decent portrait shots.

In the end, I learned i really need to revise my travel pack. The 70-200 is an important piece of my gear, just that I need a new camera bag to fit all my current line up of lenses. Also my tripod. Even though my tripod was $75, it is clearly not a very good tripod! ARGH!! I need to get a ballhead Gitzo tripod. Those are light, durable, and have easy ejection off the pod! But those puppies are $500 and up.

I still need to get a macbook pro.

On another note, I am moving on from wanting to pursue graduate school in cultural psychology to finally moving towards freelance photography. Hope to see myself in a magazine soon!