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My wonderful two week vacation journals! Starts now:

Day 1

I left home at 6:10 AM to bring dad to this massage place that he likes going to. Mom dropped me off at the Philadelphia Airport at about 6:20 AM. There I checked in and then was searched by the TSA. I forgot to take off my belt so I gave the alarm a spin. The Lady said to go back and take off my belt and try again. I did and did not beep. Then the guy next to her patted me down and the other lady grabbed my gear to swab it down. I didn’t feel like arguing as it was early in the morning, and I would have been held back longer. That was an unsavory, but interesting experience.

Well that was over with, so I walked to my terminal waiting for the South West plane to fly me to California. I have been reading on Cnn.com that the airlines are plotting to add prices to the free drinks and food that they serve. But they didn’t, FREE COFFEE!!

After self seating and flying to Chicago for my layover, I finished my first book called, “The Art of Travel,” I thought that it was a pretty good read.

What else was amazing was that I arrived in Chicago 15 minutes earlier than expected! I was in Chicago for about fifty minutes waiting for my flight to LA.

While waiting, I ate most of the food that I brought along from home. I had three sandwiches, two apples, one bag of baby carrots, and a bag of brown rice sushi.

The next flight took me straight to LAX, Los Angeles Airport. During this four hour flight, I finished from start to finish the other book that I brought along, called “The tourist.” It was a book examining from a sociological perspective on who travels. It was very verbose and not really what I was looking for in a read. But it helped pass the time on the airplane. The man next to me constantly put his arms way past the divider putting me into a very uncomfortable position. But luckily I had the aisle seat!

I finally landed at LAX at 12:23 PM.  Eric, Ann, and Vincent landed about an hour and a half before me.  So when I landed I called Eric that I landed and where to meet.  He told me to get my luggage ad meet them at the Budget Car rental office where I would meet Ann waiting in front with their luggage.

I think I like SouthWest airlines.  They did not lose my luggage, put on additional fees, or excessively late!

Well I met Ann and Vincent before I saw Eric waiting in line to get a rental car.  Vincent loves to fly on airplanes!  😀  I said hi to Ann and rushed into the bathroom in the rental car place.  The line to get the cars was long!


———-x—- [customers]


As you can tell from the rudimentary drawing, that was a very long waiting line.

Eric, Ann, and Vincent brought a lot of gear.  I only brought my camera gear bag, the tent, and a duffel bag of clothes.  When we finally got our maroon Ford Taurus, we packed it to the brim!  The trunk was absolutely packed and the side seat vacant to the right of Vincent was filled with our backpacks.

Then we started our trek down to anaheim to the Quality Inn to stay for two nights.  On the way we went to Little Saigon to eat lunch and get some food for our day at Disney the next day.

We ate at this Vietnamese Vegan Restaurant.  I ordered lemon grass tofu dish, Eric ordered a hot pot, and Ann ordered a noodle dish.  Vincent was picky as always with his food.  He gets too distracted to eat.  When Eric’s hot pot came out, I whipped my 30D out and snapped some photos.

By 2 pm, we finished our meal.  The owners saw that I took photographs of the food and showed me a photography book from a prominent Vietnamese photographer.  There was some really nice photos in there.  After we ate and looked at the photography, we headed to some near by Vietnamese stores to get some Boba tea and other assorted goods.

When I tried to pay, I was informed that i couldn’t use my debit or credit cards to pay!  Oh crap!  So I was forced to withdraw money, $40 worth.

We went back to our cramped Quality Inn.  It was really small, but we all fitted in the room.  Setting our gear down, Vincent and I grabbed our swimming gear and went down to the pool with Ann.  The water was freezing cold!!  Ann headed back, while Vincent and I played a game of water chase!

Eric came down several minutes later and joined us in the fun.  So it became a three man troupe!  We kept on swimming till Vincent’s lips turned a slight purple color and then headed back.

Dinner came and the night came right afterwards harking in the next day.