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[I have published most of the photographs from the trip to California here: California. The remaining set is from Yosemite, which is a lot in itself. 🙂 Working on the photographs since I came back till now from coming back to work till 11 pm at night. Good stuff!]

Day 2

Fill in the blanks. We walked to Disneyland after eating Honey Nut Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast. Eric left first to pick up the tickets that he purchased very cheap!

When we got to Eric, we got our tickets and more people started to come to pick up their own tickets. Sweet! Cheap Disneyland tickets! Beats the $96 per ticket was $32 per ticket! They were basically a six day pass and we took just one of the days. Eric and I looked online at the prices and were astounded at the prices, but Eric and Ann budgeted the trip very well from hotels to the theme park!

Well we got our tickets and took a fifteen minute stroll to Disney. There were a lot of families that were going to Disney as well with their kids. I put my 24-70 lens to shoot for the day. It was the main lens of the day! I was finally getting able to test it out as a walkaround lens!

We walked thru the baggage check and passed the ticket place and we made it inside!

Our first ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride. We all thought that Vincent would love that ride, but he was scared! We went in and use laser guns to shoot targets. Well when we finished we went to space mountain. What was amazing was that what would have been an hour or something wait was only a doable forty minute wait. More reasons to go during non-peak times!

I was next to Vincent on the ride, I kept my arm around his neck and head so that the vibrations and kickbacks wouldn’t knock his head back. And Vincent enjoyed the ride even though it was dark! I guess that is because there weren’t any weird looking things inside. Afterwards we headed for Autotopia, a big go kart ride. Eric went with Vincent, Ann was in front of me, and I tailed.

We went on till we finished the course, then we took the tram to another section of the theme park where we wanted to go on the Find Nemo ride, but it was jammed packed! So we went on to look at the sights. The last ride we went on before we went for lunch was this spinning cup ride. Don’t take pictures while spinning.

Lunch time came and we went to the park’s dining room. We ordered Mac N Cheese for Vincent, two pizzas, and a veggie burger. They were really helpful and the food was ok for its price.

Afterwards, we went on the carousel before it turned 2:40 PM. When 2:40 came around we went back to our hotel room for a break. We rested till 5 PM and then headed back to the park. This time we headed towards Adventure california to ride this Aviation ride that was really awesome! It was an all around simulation on flying!

But we couldn’t see Lightning McQueen there, Vincent wanted to see him so much! We had to head back to main park to return our tickets to the guy. Vincent and I rode this spinning ride, while Eric and Ann returned the tickets.

Right afterwards we went on the Star Wars ride, which was underwhelming. Then onwards to toonland.

Nightfall came and we went on two more rides, the bobsled ride, which was really fast, and finally the Finding Nemo ride.

By 11:50 PM we went back to the hotel room to rest up for the next day.