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Day 3

This was our intermediate travel stop.  Before we actually headed down to Carlsbad from Anaheim, California, we had to go back to Little Saigon to get some shakes and some food.  I purchased a Strawberry Colada, Eric had a potion, and Ann purchased a milk creamy shake.  And Vincent sampled all of out drinks by hording them for himself!

After we finished the shakes and food, we headed down to Carlsbad, California.  This time we stayed at a Ramada Inn, a very nice hotel as it had a pool and a jacuzzi!

We took a swim in the pool and jacuzzi when Eric popped the question if we wanted to go to the beach to check out the sunset, Vincent and I were excited and exstatic

But we didn’t go to the beach, some.. other events occurred.  So I plopped onto the really thick grass outside and took some shots with my wide angle.  I took several shots and thought about what was down the street.  Thinking that i didn’t want to hang out in the hotel, I crossed the highway  to the shopping center.

When I returned Vincent was upset that I took a walk without him. 😦  We all got ready to go eat at a Mexican restaurant that made these immensely huge burritos!  They were like 4 inches in diameter!!

We bought food and I had that 4 in diameter burrito.  It had black beans, cheese, veggies, and other goodies!  My quesadilla was filled with cheese and beans.

After devouring our dinner, we went to a yogurt place right across the highway from them.  It.was.great!  Much better than the stuff at Yogurt Passion in Little Saigon!

We went back to the hotel room; Eric, Ann, and Vincent went to the Jacuzzi while I decided to shower and sleep.