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Do you listen to music while traveling?  As in a foreign country or different area, do you pop in your iPod or whatever your MP3 player is?  I believe I read some articles written on Cnn.com’s travel section that we should really put away our mp3 players when we travel because it would not allow us to be able to hear the outside sounds of the new area.  And that there might be people who would want to talk to us.

I am sort of half and half on this.  I tend to always have my mp3 player playing.  FYI, I use a Creative Zen.  I don’t have the kind of money to spend on a iPod! side note:  Creative doesn’t support Mac.  argh!

When I went to Ireland I had my MP3 playing all the time.  Helping create memory cues, but I missed all the native sounds that accompany the nature and cities that I went to.  But I can recall memories when I least expect it when a certain song I played plays on my MP3 player.  A double edged sword.

What’s your take?