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I purchased an 8 gig ipod touch.  After years of going without being an iPod, or Macbook Pro, person, I went ahead and got an 8 gig iPod touch.  I had a Sony NW – HD1, a Creative ZEN M, a Creative Zen, and now finally an iPod touch.  It is a very cool and fancy device, I’ll give it that.  But how does it travel?  I will still use my Creative Zen, it still works, haha!  But I guess, I will be cool now with an iPod Touch AND a macbook pro!

It has a very gorgeous screen and engineering!  I do miss being able to change tracks and volume without having to look at the unit, but I guess it is something to get used to.

Now the thing is, with all this fancy and expensive gear, would I bring it with me on my travels?  Food for thought.