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Alright Christmas is around the corner and I still need to pay off my CC debt! But! Consumerism at its best! I am going to list what gear I am saving up for, whether I buy them or not.. well… that is another story!

  1. upgrade the ram to the macbook pro to 4 gigs. That is about $100
  2. Upgrade camera gear to 5D mk II( or whatever it will be called.)
  3. Purchase the 70-200 f/2.8 IS. $1600ish.
  4. Purchase the 120 mm Macro.
  5. New sharp Photography LCD monitor
  6. Color calibration device
  7. Colorspace portable storage
  8. Canon 50D
  9. lighting gear

Edited for more inclusions!  T^T  Sadly… money is required.