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Just look on the net about the new Canon 5D Mark II and you will be amazed at what it can do and its price. It is going to be a phenomenal camera! I am sure the Red’s camera will be fantastic, but for 2600$ the 5D mark II will be hard to beat for a full frame camera that also shoots 1080p video! It has more than that, real good ISO sensitivity just like the original 5D, general shape and size. Sure I wish it had more than 9 AF points and assist points and that it had a different AF system from the older 5D, but this camera is going to be phenomenal.

As a travel photographer, mainly, and a dabbler in wedding and portrait photographer, this camera is really going to change the game! Not only does it shoot video, but it will utilize any and all Canon mounted lens! So you can do some pretty standard to crazy ass videos along with amazing stills at 21 mp! (Megapixels at this point in time are pretty redundant in any serious camera discussion.) I don’t have to look to get a video camera or use point and shoots on travels, I can take high end video footage and stills from the 5D MK II! Of course the file sizes will be extraordinary, but for this camera and what possibilities there are? It is worth it!

Think about all those travels that you have gone on? Ever question your gear and weight? Well with this, you can forget about a video camera, but worry about everything else! Hey one less item you need to pack! Of course you will have to add in more memory and storage options… but that is slightly lighter than a video camera, or at least a decent one!

Or at a wedding, you can shoot a high definition artistic video for the bride and groom to see every single detail, with stills in between!

The possibilities for this camera is boundless! When will I obtain one? I think next year before I head to Ireland, I will make my purchase. Of course by then it may have a better price and be in stock!