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I need to decide to either travel in June or buy the Canon 5D Mark II. I know in a previous post I gave my reasons for the 5D mk II and how travel photography will be much better. But I need to live within my means. Therefore I can only choose one. Travel and wait to be able to afford the 5D MK II which also would make sure that if there are any bugs be worked out or buy now and possibly not travel till Fall. The string with the latter is that my vacation days, all 26, must be used by June.

So I think I will go travel instead, that is, unless I hit the jackpot, get tons of paying clients to pay for it and travel. I am sure that it is going to be very difficult to not want to buy it till I set onto an airplane to go anywhere. But I must be patient! Especially since I have recently bought a 100mm macro lens, a bludomain site, which I will talk about shortly, and some other items.

I decided to get a bludomain site. Yeah yeah those flash sites you see a lot of people with. But I chose one that not a lot use, Ayala. It has a more portfolio, freelance, and non wedding look. A lot of people use the ones that are geared mainly for wedding photographers. I do like them as they give more options than Ayala’s three gallaries and three text sections. But I really like the layout that Ayala gives and that it doesn’t look entirely like the others. I am hoping to launch it soon as my font change occurs. Then I will post its link for anyone curious to go and check it out! I am still going to retain my smugmug. I cannot depart from it as it is a great service! And I need a site for my fine art and stock photography.

I haven’t shot macro since my days in college with my photography classes! So this macro lens is going to be a very welcomed inclusion to my camera gear! It comes in today… but I am at work right now. ;_;