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A friend of mine recently got into photography. I think that is great! He recently purchased a 40D , 70-200 f2.8, and a 16-35 Lens. Why he went with all L lenses is well up to him since he has money. But what was important was the inquiries that developed. A lot of the questions were questions many starters have, what sort of gear do I need. The most consistent answer I gave him was, buy gear that is consistent with his shooting style and shooting habits. For example, here is absolutely no use for me to buy a 100-400 L lens if I do not shoot wildlife. But it is absolutely necessary for me to buy a 70-200 f/2.8 to shoot portraits and some distance shooting. He hasn’t done that much shooting since, but I told him to shoot a lot when he goes to France next week. Once he gets a handle of what he enjoys shooting, he will get a clue of what kind of photography he loves to do and new information he needs to ask for what sort of gear to get next.

As for myself, I picked up the 5D MK II from Best Buy last night! YAY! My first impressions is an empty wallet. Well it has a much larger and brighter viewfinder, feels solid but light, and very capable. Of course the file sizes per Raw are just immense, I only have 4 gig compact flash cards right now, four or five of them. I can only shoot 136 photos on RAW. I can shoot in the smaller Raws, but… still.. haha!! Looks like I need to purchase more high capacity compact flash cards and more hard drives for my laptop and PC to be able to store those huge files!

Test shots will come eventually!