Good lord! We are in need of a huuuuuge stimulus to reset our faltering economy. Well, that is what Obama and some say needs to be done, and others are chasing their tails. Myself like many others are worried about their lives, their families, and their wallets. What can we do? Well we can stress and fall apart. Or we can pick up our cameras (again) and shoot! Because either way we are going to be in a pickle!

I found this gallery near my work called the Arts Council of Princeton that offers exhibition space to local visual artists. So since going to my friend Matt‘s exhibition, at the end of January, I have been going at it looking for galleries to have an exhibit of my own! I really love Matt’s work!

I already chose a running theme and the photographs that I want to submit. I already enlarged them, now all that is left is revising my draft proposal to the board.

I chose 20 photographs which I believe are a great representation of my exhibition: “Tourist Season.”

Description to follow shortly. I need to finish drafting the proposal! haha!