In January I put my 50mm f/1.4 onto my 5D2 to play around and see what kind of photos this combination. I tried to shoot, but noticed that the AF didn’t work. Well at that time I thought that it was typical because in September when I was shooting Diep’s wedding it did the same thing. So I used the manual focus ring. But then I noticed that that wasn’t focusing either. I looked at the measuring spot and saw that the meters weren’t changing as I was turning. So I brought it to a local camera repair shop. They said the USM motor is broken. And that they cannot get the parts to repair it from Canon.

I sadly didn’t send it to Canon. Yet. I do need to send it to Canon to get it repaired. But that is the problem. The fact that I have decided to go to Italy in May, I need every penny for the trip. I already have the 24-70 which covers the 50 mm range, I can’t go using the repair cost when I need it for my flight and hostel rooming. And the other gear I need to use! đŸ˜€

I am going to purchase a hyperdrive so I can leave my Macbook Pro at home when I go and a terabyte external hard drive. I will just use internet cafes to check my mail then!

(I still want to go back to Ireland.)