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I think he is right. Republican senators are in Denial. What he didn’t mention is that those very republicans are bloody hypocrites!! I’ll give you some examples:

1.) They voted in constant agreement with the Iraq war. When the Iraq war costs about the same amount of money that this current stimulus package they are voting against is. Not only did they give Bush a blank check for that, they allowed warmongering business in a no bid contracts! Which sucked more money which produced 0 results! All this to save America from attacks. Okay. Now that our financial catastrophe is attacking us… no help from them? Iraq had NO WMD NOR HARBORED AL QAEDA TILL AFTER WE INVADED!

2.) They eventually did vote on Bush’s stimulus bill. But didn’t enforce any accountability. Obama’s plan has accountability and transparency and they are voting against it. Yes I know it is big dollars.

Free trade would say let those markets that have failed die and new ones will come up. But what if those very companies control the flow of money a country has? If those goes…. that would equal catastrophe. I don’t want money to be thrown into a huge cesspool, neither do I want nothing to be done and “allowing” the market to run its course. The free market notion helped boost this situation!! Government needs to intervene. America and the world population NEEDS to be involved. If that requires our tax dollars, fine. This situation is more tangible and is more dire. Side note: I didn’t support the Iraq war not from the beginning and still don’t. But my tax dollars went to it anyway. And guess what? NO WMDs! NO ATTACK ON OUR SHORES FROM IRAQIS, but from our own people.