I remember when I first started photography. I was taking a film photography 101 with Ken Hohing, whom was my 2-D instructor the previous semester. This was the first time I really picked up the camera. I did shoot photos in high school, but that was with this “advanced” Kodak camera. What that meant was it was that camera that would shoot in different orientation formats, 16:9, and so on. But in my actual class I used a Pentax SLR and rolls of Tri-X black and white film.

A little while after my friends came over for a week to visit, so all seven of us crammed into a Civic to go up to NYC. And I came rolling with 7 rolls of black and white film. This is what came out of the trip, well there are more photos, but I didn’t scan the rest.

I took just a large amount of photos with film which really costed me a bundle! Good thing the Spring semester I went to digital with a Canon Powershot G5! I think I have those photographs and might post my older work from that period later.

I think it is great to see where my old work brought me. I miss working in a dark room.