Following my previous blog on my coffee cup project, first installment I have saved several more cups from Starbucks, Panera bread, and Small World Coffee! So far the winner of the stock is… Starbucks. If I had to say which brand that I think is better it would probably be Starbucks. Yes it is true, I am a Starbucks coffee drinker. Although if I was in Seattle, it would be Seattle’s Best. (Ironically Starbucks own Seattle’s Best.) I usually get the bold coffee, I used to get the cappuccino/expresso/special drinks, but with our current economy I went down to bold drip coffee since 2007. Every Saturday, however, if I am home I head over to Barnes and Nobles and pick up a Caramel Macchiato, as a weekly treat. Sometimes, I would drop by the Starbucks later in the day for a second dosage.

Anyway, the idea is to keep track of my coffee addiction by cups. I might try something else for this project when I get a shelf full of coffee cups. I should buy the whole coffee beans too..hmm ideas!! Mostly everyone drinks coffee from whatever brand and type, so keeping track of my own intake might help others think of their own intake.

I am probably going to have to either take away the wood platform or find a bigger one. Because the next batch, by next Saturday, I will more. I am planning on keeping the Starbucks on the platform, mostly, and surround it with the rest of the Starbucks cups and the other brands. The thing I really want to include or work at is better lighting. I am working with my ceiling fluorescent lights and that light source comes mainly from the left.

The Coffee Addiction photography project continues. The photographs follows..