I just got this via iTunes and my actual CD is waiting for me to pick up later today when I get home. What is this album like? As a rock fan and as a fan of bands and musicians who experiment outside of their known sound, I really like this album! Sure there are some definitive U2 songs in here, they still are experimental. The title song also sounds like a great travel song!

If you must ask, I love their entire discography. But if I had to give my top three albums before No line on the horizon? Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and All that you Can’t Leave Behind.

I know what I will be listening to on my trip to Italy! Also in the album coming out party is Vienna Teng‘s In Transit! She is an awesome musician! Go check her out if you haven’t yet! I have to admit that some of her songs are weird, but very good and introspective-y!

In travel news, I have somewhat plotted out my locations. Rome for three nights, Florence, Venice, to the shores of Tuscany, and then back to Rome. I already booked my hostel stay for the first three nights in Rome.