Title: Fallen Shirt
Artist: Ted Nghiem
Date: November 2006
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Story: This was one of many things that went wrong with this trip. This one was, however, redeemable because of the comedic effect. Thailand gets immensely hot, even during their “cool” season. Upon washing the shirt, I put it on the ledge to dry out. However, the wind had intentions to carry it to the lower levels of the hotel and took it down two or three levels where it would have been quite a problem for me to find the room and the tenants to give me my shirt back. After photographing its descent, one of my roommates stayed there to see if the tenant would walk out for shirt retrieval as I ran down the floors to guesstimate its room location.

This fine art print was accepted to Rutgers University Alumni Exhibition. I have to print and mount it before the deadline! I like large prints, so the question I need to answer in a couple days is whether I want to print it large or print it small. I think the many intersecting lines call for big printing. It is just too bad that I will be in Italy during the opening and reunion.