I just got back from their engagement shoot.  They are such a fun and loveable couple, I can only wish the best for them!  But one the things that stood out, was their slight shock of how fast the photograph turnout was.  I have a seriously strict work ethic.  I guess I can give a low down of what I do once I get back from a session.

Remember this is a give or take situation.  But in all likelihood this set is pretty reliable.

  1. Go home.
  2. Load photos from the compact flash cards to the mac.
  3. Back them up untouched into the external drive.
  4. Sort them through lightroom
  5. Flag the keepers
  6. Deflag the non keepers from the keepers
  7. Start editing and tinkering
  8. Resort
  9. Open them up into Photoshop to embed a wall mark and make them web friendly
  10. Package it for the clients