I just typed out a lot and wordpress loses it all..what.the….GRR!! Save draft doesn’t like me! In any case there are reasons why photographers charge as much as they do. This link gives you a good idea with the overall idea. It might be indepth, but it gives a good idea.

Why Photographers cost so much

You first have the costs to actually shooting, and then the other stuff that everyone has to pay for. Insurance-health/car, gas, bills, etc. Fulltime professionals charge more because that is their sole income, while part times charge a little bit less as they have a secondary income.

I was reading this on Brave New Traveler about this blogger’s classification of travelers as perpetual travelers or world citizens. Here is the entry for further reading.

Perpetual Traveler or World Citizen by Daniel Harbecke

Both roles reject borders, but the difference between them is subtle.

A perpetual traveler discards the sense of home – often to avoid paying taxes, or for a more profound sense of privacy or non-affiliation. The world citizen sees the entire planet as home, and one’s citizenship as only a historic formality.

As Falconer says, “The concept of the perpetual traveler is about reducing your dependency and responsibilities and the world citizen is about increasing (them).”

If the question really is about dependency and responsibility, let’s look at each facet separately:

  • Dependency – What cause or group do you belong to? If borders are truly irrelevant, how do you define yourself? Is your identity determined by affiliations, or something else?
  • Responsibility – What are you accountable for, and to whom? Who do you feel deserves your loyalty? What works do you put your energy into? Who or what do you protect or care for?

The choice is about the significance of two groups of people: those in your life, and those in your community.

Defining Your World

Perpetual travelers minimize their influence confining it to their immediate location. Because of this, a perpetual traveler is always based in the present experience – the past is irrelevant and the future is unscripted.

Perpetual traveler focuses on their undiluted contact with life, and is less concerned with being the fixture of a culture.

World citizens broaden their scope to an unlimited degree – a degree that will most likely never be realized. Being so conscious about cause and effect places them within a wider consideration of time. They draw from the rich palette of borderless relation, basing their experience by the potential to connect through social schemes.

Because the judgment is shaded by personal bias, it’s shortsighted to judge one way as entirely right or wrong. Together, they reveal a variety of meaning that’s invisible under normal conditions.

To see the consequences of these roles – or disregard them entirely – is an attitude that may suggest which emphasis you lean toward.


What do I see myself as? A world traveler and a perpetual traveler  if you want to stretch it. Honestly, I think that the definitions of the the classifications are not as accurate as the author is hoping for.  Firstly, he is discounting the fact that people who he considers perpetual travelers, do have a sense of responsibilities.  Unless they are the wasteful, littering, use up all the resource kind of tourists.  From what I get, it seems he is writing perpetual travelers instead of really using a more accurate term that has more stigma to it, the ignorant tourist.  If he wanted to be more accurate, a perpetual traveler, has the same sense of responsibilities that a “world” citizen has towards the places he/she visits and explores.  But he/she isn’t dependent on a single location, culture, or idea.

Or maybe he isn’t clearly defining his usage of the term responsibilities.  Travelers need to be responsible if we want to maintain this planet that we call home and love to explore.  By buying local, reduce our carbon footprints, leaving historical sites and objects UNTOUCHED there are so many sites and artifacts that have been, are being, and been seriously messed up because of irresponsible meddling.  So for the author of that blog to claim that perpetual travelers want to lack any sort of dependency or responsibility really is calling them an ignorant tourist, but only in a kinder way.  We are dependent on our Earth, therefore we should be responsible for our travels to be able to explore and enjoy the planet.