I like clarity.  And discussion.

But my wedding package is very customizable and although it looks pricey, I am giving you an idea of the price for that general list of items that is included.  If you don’t want an album, we will knock off some Benjamins off the price.  You don’t want so and so, but want something else?  Sure thing!

But my service will carry these facets:  Consultation and planning, unlimited shooting time (from the day you book me till the very end), online gallery, artistic enhancements, and a DVD of your select photographs.  The going rate for just these, is $1,400.

When I said from the day you book me till the very end, I mean exactly that, e.g., if you are going out with your friends to shop for your bride’s maid gown and want me to photograph that, I am there if time permits!