The weirdest thing happened on the way to the marketplace.   I posted an ad on weddinbee to do eSessions, as some have, and I get a message from a Bruschetta RD on the ad not for an eSession but to photograph their rehearsal dinner in August.  So I thought to myself, rehearsal dinner “Why not?”  So I sent her an email.  Before this I added two friends from high school onto my Facebook, related to this post 😉 , and was both surprised and happy that they were engaged to be married.  By surprised, I mean by genuine surprise because I really haven’t maintained much contact with friends from High School.  I know pretty sad.  haha!  But yes, I was surprised with that pleasant discovery!

Back to the emails of gig related work.  I thought it was a little weird at first.  The contact email had the name of Margot and Chris.  At first I didn’t think much of it, so I read the response of the details of the request.  And those two names kept on pestering me, could this be the Chris and Margot from my high school?  Being a rather curious person, I jut went ahead and said ” … will be great to see you two again!”  [I usually always start my emails with, “Hey, ….”] And presto it was the very same!

It has been a good 8 years since I last spoke or seen friends from high school.  Facebook doesn’t count, although it does help.  Eight years.  And after seeing them in person it really doesn’t look like anything has changed other than they are getting married in a couple months.

Well here are some photos of them and the place where I will be photographing on August 28th.  The place looks gorgeous from the inside.  If you look at it from the outside it is… rather so-so.

Those couches look really comfortable!  Drinking on it must be great!

I chose a lighter processing for this one to have a more vintage lighter feel to the entrance.

Margot and Chris.  In that order.

I like the table set up!

The cover was slightly green, so I thought to color code the appearance of the overall photograph.

The room where I currently was, was not the room that the rehearsal dinner would take place.  Chris and Margot pointed it out that it was behind the curtains.  Whoa.

He has the look like he just got a huge but incorrect order…yes this is how much this gig will cost you.  $10,000,000! 😀  And it looks like Margot is in agreement with me!

Hahaha!  You are kidding… right?  Right??

Just pay him that $10,000,000!  You know he is a poor, but hard working photographer!

I wonder if all these tables will be filled during that night.  It is going to be hell running around.  I don’t think I can do a panoramic… well not that I could..

I didn’t do anything to this photograph.  I really like how they fold the napkins!  It’s like origami!  I suck at Origami!

Hmm… I will definitely be using my external flash and Gary Fong diffuser on the day of.

I suppose this long table is where Chris, Margot, and special people will sit.

They display them like artwork!

They even have somewhat cozy and soft couches in the other part of the place to lounge!

For this segment of the restaurant they changed how they present the towels and utensils.

I am going to have to rent an ultra wide angle.  I need an adaptor for the Nikon 14-24 lens!  ;_; That lens is just awesome… :drool:

I like the columns with this layout!

To be absolutely honest this part looks like something taken out of a resort hotel!


Wait.. is this a semi-eSession?  >.>

I guess so!  🙂

Margot was really interested in sitting on those newspaper things.  On another note, I really do not want to lose the New York Times’ paper!

Hmmm… the glamour look.

they look so cute together.  High school sweethearts.

This was at the Betsey Ross house.
And last but not least, this is a pretty .. weird shot.

The telephone needs some booze to go on.  Wow!

Also it seems that they are going to have their honeymoon in Italy.  About three months after I go to Italy!  😀  Well I ought to get ready for tomorrow’s eSession!