I went bowling after photographing Jacki’s and Tom’s eSession on Saturday in Olde City, Philadelphia.  And while I didn’t bowl, I was talking to college friends and we were talking about wedding photography things and one thing my friend was talking about was how interesting it was to live in the shoes of someone else for that day.  I mean as a photographer, I immerse myself into a different culture, group of families and friends, and try to observe this new life.  And that changes every wedding and everytime I photograph.  It’s not something that I thought about explicitly, even though I do it without evening thinking about it.

I write about that when I travel and go on my journeys to explore and immerse myself into the very cultures I will be visiting, but never with weddings.  Strange.  I guess I never really thought about it that way.  I guess a wedding photographer has to change shoes when (s)he he shoots a wedding, especially since (s)he is visually writing a story.  I wonder why that never dawned on me to really think about.