I went out drinking with a person I met the other day, well back in early April.  And I mentioned to her that my nephew calls me for toys and only toys.  I openly expressed that I would prefer that he call me telling me about school, what he did that day, that kind of things.  Not for me to buy him things, although I usually oblige.  Maybe that’s why….

But in any case, my fellow drinkee mentioned that he is only 5 years old and that i should expect toy inquiries.   I know he is 5 years old, I replied.  But I am very interested in his development, especially as 5 or near there is the peak years for language development in children.  I want to be perfectly clear with my nephew that I care more about his education and development.  And likewise will purchase toys, books, writing materials, and such that aid him in his development.  Play is extremely important, but so is language.

Hopefully my brother and sister in law moved to a location with a good playground.  Vincent is already in a pretty good Kindergarten program.

So what does this mean, Vincent?  You aren’t getting that Nintendo DS.  I am buying you writing books instead!  Maybe a camera too…