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I just recently self published my eSession and wedding portfolio using blurb!  My profile at Blurb can be found here: Click Me!

Here is a quick preview of the Blurb album.

Now that I am a client of WHCC, I will be testing out their album designs and printing.  So expect to hear about that in the future.  I want to have the best albums for my wedding clients.  I am not saying that Blurb isn’t good, I just prefer the option of different binding.  I got my sample prints from WHCC the other day, (it came in with my lens rental!  Nice!)  And the prints are amazing!  They are exactly the same as I see on my lcd screen, which is color corrected btw.  I think it is more cost effective if I send out to print instead of in house printing for portfolio and client work.

My photo printer, though no slouch, is the Canon i9900.  But its consistency is missing something.