Starting at the Setting Sun


5D mk II and 24-105

I really enjoy this casual snap of a new friend that I have made while journeying through Florence, Italy.  It was actually much darker, leaving her as a silhouette in front of the sunset.  But I thought to myself that i had enough of those silhouettes that i wanted to pull out some color for her.

Now that I am nearly done all of the photographs from Italy, I can start the slideshow presentations of them that include the video footage I took from the journey.  I think I have a list of songs that I will be using, yes they are all copyrighted songs…  but music that I listen to while traveling and inspires me to want to travel some more!  So those will be up here in some time.

Now that I have three international trips under my belt, I think I found the sweet spot for my travel packing.  I don’t believe anyone wants to travel with so much things around that basically you are traveling your packed stuff instead of traveling for an adventure!  I been podcasting Rick Steve’s and Amateur Traveler, and while they offer awesome resources for travelers, they don’t offer the kind of information for the traveling photographer!  So my goal, other than being an awesome wedding photographer, is to give you handy information for our segment of the travel industry!

A great contemporary read is a book by Steve Davey: Travel Photography.  In that particular book, he gives you general tips in the overall scope of photography- from gear to compositional tips!

Some things that I have learned over the course of my traveling, is that packing light and packing camera gear do go hand in hand!  Just one camera body and one awesome lens and a portable memory hard drive, and presto!  Not that heavy!  As for my other stuff, my Kelty backpack served me well with about 5 days worth of clothing, in total.   With this setup I was highly mobile!

Although, my next trip back to Ireland, hopefully for a month next May, I might bring my laptop…maybe.  The decisions start now!