One thing that I failed to mention and learned from my voyage to Italy- was to bring mole skin and a minor first aid kit.  If you look, well if you really wanted to see [haha!], at the bottom of my feet you will see the leftover markings of where huge blisters formed on the soles of my feet.  Some Eagle Scout I am! haha!!  It was pretty painful walking around afterwards and I did eventually buy the mole skin there, but pretty expensive.

Ahh learn something every day!

My schedule, seems a little hectic lately, today I have a boudoir session, Saturday an eSession in NYC, and the following weekend another boudoir session!  After that, I am, hopefully, off to Florida.  Though these days, it seems the Florida trip might be canned because of personal reasons!  One of the interesting things about these two boudoir sessions, is that they both are affliated with the university I work for!  Pretty cool coincidence!

Side note: I haven’t posted the photos, though I do like what I got, from the previous boudoir because it wanted to be kept private.  I think that’s perfectly fine.