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About a couple weeks ago, Gloria sends me an inquiry to photograph her eSession with her fiancee, Andy, in Tompkin’s Square Park and 10degrees on Saturday June 13th.  They chose those locations for sentimental reasons, as after they met at a mutual friend’s wedding they spent quite some time at the park and Andy, later, proposed to her there.  That’s pretty sweet!

Andy is from Seattle and flew into New Haven, I believe, to spend some great time with Gloria, who works for Yale.  {side note: I work for Princeton… rivalry anyone?  😀 } I still can’t shake the feeling of how great those two are together!

Saturday turned out to be better than I thought it would be!  Earlier, it was raining and pouring, so on my way up by the NJ turnpike it was coming down so I was a little spooked as to what we were going to do… but as you will soon see, we did better than just fine!  It was a great eSession!

I did more photo collaging in this session than previous ones.  Hope you enjoy!

I wish these two the best of everything!