I woke up early this morning, at 5:40 AM, fighting my sleepiness to get ready for work. I played with my Jack Russell Terrier, Grace, for a little bit, went online to check the emails, dressed up, and ran out the door forgetting about breakfast! Luckily for me, I remembered to pack my lunch before I ran out the door.

Poor Breakfast, one of the most necessary meals of the day, yet also the most forgotten! Well at least for me haha!

On my way up to Princeton, {I really want to move up there} I recalled a statement I saw while cruising around the campus the other day. A board stating that this photographer is one of the last remaining photographers using medium format film. While I find that admirable and great, I have to question why? Not the question of image quality, as image quality between film and digital has been debated to death and well quite frankly Digital has surpassed film, in my honest opinion. But the statement of “archival” or bluntly longevity.

Everything degrades and withers away over time. It depends on how well things are maintained and backed up! Digital, you can back it up with many copies and archived into different mediums. Film, is just one set of film stored in, archival plastic or holders. But what if you lose that set of film? The whole argument of longevity of film goes away because of human error.

The search for a specific photo is 100000x easier with digital than with film. A photographer can take any given amount of photographs per year, film or digital. So what if you wanted to find specific photos?