Song: Bad

That song, will always be my favorite and most over listened to song.  No matter if it is U2 or Luka Bloom playing it.  I really love that song!  {Just as much as I love Ireland and will be visiting Ireland..:D }  While, I think I posted about this before…, well I know that the song was written about the drug abusers, more specifically the heroin users on Connolly Street in Dublin, it is just so lovely!  As well nearly all of U2’s songs for that matter!

It is important for me to listen to music, have music as part of my photography, and in life in general!  I would probably stop working after the 3rd photograph if I weren’t listening to music!  I find it very difficult to focus on the things that I do, without it.  And it’s harder to find the magic threshold when I am not listening.  Ok that sounded like a drug addict talking about drug using. But if you haven’t guessed it from this blog entry and from the other entries, I have a slight form of ADD.

But music does a lot!  It actually does alter the human psychophysiology!  I did my thesis at Rutgers on this. haha!  Great way to spend my thesis writing!  Well it was more like Music and personality, but I did include some snippets on psychophysiology even though that was pretty off tangent.. haha!!