This has been on my mind for a little bit, especially after reading through wedding sites, wedding blogs, photography forums, and by the ear, what is the difference between a pro and a novice with pro gear?  Quality.

A common misconception is that all photographers do is press a button and PRESTO awesome photograph is the result.  But if you actually do it yourself for the first time, it is anything but magic.  One of the reasons why professionals are professionals is because they spent time and will continuously spend time, to hone their craft!  Both with the mechanics of the camera and how the light hits camera sensor, but also timing with the subjects they are photographing and posing.  Controlling, as much as possible, the elements in the frame also takes a lot of work.  Arranging the folks trying to find the best usage of light and looking for the great angles to photograph them within that light.  It does take a lot of knowledge to keep all of that in mind as you photograph a wedding!  Because you don’t get to do it over again per wedding!

I know that in the large scheme of things, I am just one man working his hardest to go professional and, ultimately, be acknowledged as an artist.  And I also know that there are others, who are not photographers, who know and understand the conceptions and misconceptions of being a photographer.  But I also do know that there is a vast majority who think otherwise when it comes to photography, or any field.

We, as photographers, never take our art for granted!  We spend countless hours, days, months, and years, even, to hone our capabilities to capture weddings, landscapes, anything artistically and meaningfully.

Never discount a photographer who has a day job and photographs on the side.  There are many reasons why some choose to do that path instead of full on photography.