I have been doing mainly boudoir sessions since I got back from Italy and Florida.  I had a sprinkle of an eSession with the awesome Andy and Gloria, whom both thoroughly loved the work, which I am very thankful for!  It was a great break between travel and boudoir photographs to work on!  I am not complaining, just that I like to change it up a lot so I don’t stay in the humdrum.  You have been seeing sprinkles of thoughtful posts among posts of slideshows, but one post on one boudoir session.  The reason why I have only posted one boudoir is because I am really careful with the wishes of the clients.  Some do not wish for them to remain online once they see and receive them and only would let me post the ones the deem acceptable.

So for that reason is why you have mainly been seeing travel slideshows from Italy.  I have been busy with boudoir sessions and boudoir album making, but it is up to the clients to allow me to post all or some of the work from the sessions.  And well I also think it is healthy for myself, my business, blog, and my viewers to see and read the other things that I am up to then straight up wedding/eSession photography.

I honestly prefer my blog to be a mixture of wedding, travel, and fine art photography mixed in with my own personal thoughts and philosophy.  I think it is utterly boring to go to a photographer’s blog to see his/her work focused solely on weddings, etc.  I get they are great photographers, who take awesome photographs and sell a great product.  But are they really people?  Take Junshien Lau for example.  He is a phenomenal wedding and portrait photographer out in the Bay area.  But he is also a REAL person in his blog and work.  It is one of many reasons why I admire him!  (btw, if you are getting married in the Bay area and can’t get me, hire him!  He really is awesome!)

I read everywhere, and I bet you have too, that photographers should focus on one or two things.  Sure ok, weddings and travel.  But hardly any, other than awesome folks like David Jay, suggest add in yourself to your work.  I think people believe that as a given, but do they really?

I like photographers who will talk and sometimes go off on diatribes.  It’s one thing to post pretty photographs, but entirely different to post words coming from the deepest recess of the mind or the heart!  I want my viewers, readers, clients, friends, and family to know that I am more than a photographer.  More than a wedding photographer, more than a travel photographer, but also a burgeoning philosopher.  Isn’t that what college is help spur?  The precipice of becoming a world citizen and world thinker?

I shudder at the thought that college is just to get a degree to get a job.  Although, getting a job is utterly important to our survival, wasn’t college there to help us get a better understanding of who we are and how we fit into the world?  Then it is up to us to put everything that we have learned together and implement it to garner up success.