I am going to post some examples from the gallery exhibit that I would like to have installed at the Princeton arts council.

Title: Sleeping Lions

Country: Thailand

Date: Nov. 2006

One of the reasons why I love this photograph is because it is relaxing, the natural lighting coming in from the window, and then the clutter all over with the guys sleeping among it.  The question is how big should I print this?  I think no bigger than 16 x 24, but I don’t think that size is good for this.  So most likely a 11 x 14.

Title: Untitled

Country: California, USA

Date: June 2008

I like the different angle of this photograph. It gives the emphasis on the flower (that sadly isn’t bloomed) towards the sun.  But I might use a different photo.

Title: Rings of Jupiter

Location:  Ireland

Date: August 2007

I love the colors of this photograph and definitely want to see this big!

Title: Lonely Pharoah

Location: Italy

Date: May 2009

the large empty space and this person in costume of a pharoah was really cool.

tile: strolling in Killarney

Location: Ireland

Date: August 2007

I did an infrared conversion of this photograph, the original was great, but infrared experimentation led to an interesting take.

Title: Untitled #2

Location: Ireland

Date: August 2007

Title: Where is the Bathroom?

Location: Taiwan

Date: Nov. 2006

Title: Draped Peppers

Location: Seattle, CA