While I did my first trip to Ireland I missed something.  And it wasn’t this:

Not condompower, though… I meant I didn’t venture into the pubs to see any live music with crazy guinness, murphies, or beamish drinking people!  I had my reason to not drink at that point.  It wasn’t until I went to Seattle when I broke my no drinking policy.  But I won’t break my I won’t drink till I am stupid policy.  So not only did I miss the Guinness factory in Dublin, but also all those fun pub times where, a lot of live music is played!  Not just in Temple Bar, but further out west towards County Clare.  There are live music being played in the pubs!

Ireland is just full of cultural export power!  U2 anyone?  Snow Patrol?  James Joyce?  Guinness? Those are just a few of a whole ton of cultural exports from Ireland, which is a pretty small country.  My brother, sister in law, and friends have asked me, why the obsession over Ireland?  Well what’s there not to love about Ireland?  It is not like I hiked the entire country… yet.

Back on task, I did meet a lot of still life artists like this fellow:

And some musicians outside, at the Cliffs of Moher, or in Dublin by the park.

But what was lacking from my first journey there was the Pub scene, N. Ireland, and … authentic guinness!

Sure this blog post is just a precursor to my voyage back to Ireland, but isn’t that the start of the planning process to journey into another country?  While I was in Starbucks meeting Courtney and Jamie (potential wedding clients), I was busy jotting down elements of what I wanted to see when I go back.  I definitely want to see music festivals, live music at the pubs, go back to the cliffs of moher, stay pretty much on the western part of Ireland, and have some good Guinness for a month.  Yes I have a month and half worth of vacation days to use up.

No.  I didn’t drink all of that…

What starts your travel process?