I was reading online and saw a message saying that those shooting weddings on the side do not consider photography their priority.

While the said poster didn’t mean any harm or anything, but I just don’t know about that.  Personally just because I am doing wedding photography on the side right now, does not mean that it is not my priority.  In fact I let any and all my clients know that I do have a day job and at the moment unsure if I would want to go full time.  So I would be doing my part time job and this on the side.  I also let them see me in action to let them know that I work very hard on their photographs, the service that I give them is one of the best they could get.   I just am in the stage in my life that I need to find my calling and career choice.  Call it quarter life crisis, if you will, but if my blog hasn’t been equivocally clear- I am one of many specialties and interests.  I love travel, I love weddings, I love psychological research, I love fine art, I love reading, etc.  And I will get my hands in all those pots.  Yep.  I am greedy that way.  Or would that be selfish?  Hmmm..

But in any case, photography, specifically wedding photography, is a priority in my life.  I am just trying to find my bearings in life, not everyone knows what they are meant to do in an instant. (Oh how I envy those that do!  But they don’t go through the process, albeit long and sometimes tedious, that builds character.)   Some take a little longer to cook to find their savory taste.

So what I am trying to say here is, don’t judge a photographer by how many jobs he has.  Sometimes (s)he needs to time to find the calling, need to make more money, etc.